Scottish Labour Young Socialists Statement on the Scottish Parliamentary Election 2016

Last night’s Scottish Parliament election was a difficult night for socialists of all parties. We now have a Parliament devoid of significant working class representation. The dividing lines of Scottish politics are no longer issues of jobs, wages, and public services; but the competing nationalisms of the SNP and the Conservatives.

Elections come and go, there are setbacks and victories, but the nature of the struggle remains the same. As socialists we know that politics is not confined to Holyrood and Westminster. It’s about more than knocking doors once every five years. It takes place on our streets, on our campuses, and in our workplaces. There will be fewer red MSP’s tomorrow morning but we are rooted in a movement that is centuries old and our cause remains unchanged.

In less than a year the Scottish Labour Young Socialists have made considerable progress. We’ve helped elect Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party and have overseen the transformation of its youth wing. After last night we will now be organising to rebuild a workers’ party in Scotland. You are most welcome to join us.


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