Campaign for Socialism – Momentum Scotland statement on Scottish Labour autonomy plans


The Campaign for Socialism-Momentum Scotland – the left organisation in the Scottish Labour Party – are calling parts of the planned autonomy for the Scottish Labour Party “an exercise in patronage not democracy” and saying that for this to mean real autonomy it has to be made more democratic.

At Tuesday’s Labour Party NEC it was proposed that in future the Scottish Labour Party should be “directly represented”. The proposal is that the Scottish Labour representative be a member of the Labour’s Holyrood front bench appointed by the Scottish Labour Leader.

The CFS-Momentum Scotland argue that Scottish Labour members should elect their representative on the NEC – just as Constituency Labour Parties , Trade Unions and even the Parliamentary Labour Party do.

Campaign for Socialism-Mometum Scotland Chair, Denise Christie, said:

“A guaranteed representative on the NEC should be about empowering our membership as a whole – not simply one person at the top. For ‘direct representation’ to be meaningful then the representative has to be there as the choice of the members not a grace and favour appointment by the Leader.

We don’t oppose more autonomy for the Scottish Labour Party, but having a Leader place someone on the NEC is an exercise in patronage not democracy”

Putting this change in rules through at short notice with no discussion in the wider party would be wrong – Conference should refer this back to the NEC for further discussion and hopefully a more democratic decision.”


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